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Individuals who are interested to attend our Psychological First Aid workshop but unable to find the right time to attend our workshop, fret not. Psychosocial Initiative now offers theory and practical session which can be taken separately based on your availability. Do take note that you can only book our practical session once you have completed the theory session.

Psychological First Aid THEORY

Gnowbe is our partner online learning platform. By clicking on any of the courses below, you will be directed to our Gnowbe payment portal page.

  1. Kindly make payment to go to Gnowbe login page.
  2. Follow the instructions and check your email to create an account with Gnowbe.
  3. When this is completed, your selected course will be in your Gnowbe dashboard.
  4. You may start your selected course at your convenience.

Ensure that you have completed the following programmes:

And pass the assessment before proceeding to book our practical session.

Good luck!

Guide to PFA
PFA skills
Guide to PFA & PFA skills

Psychological First Aid PRACTICAL

Our practical session falls on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday and Saturday of every month.